Sunday, November 27, 2005

Myanmar junta extends Daw Aung San Suu Kyi house arrest

I just heard that they extended Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's period of house arrest for another 12 months. Though it is not a big surprise, I was very much saddened when I learnt it in reality. It is absolutely obvious that Than shwe is so afraid of Daw ASSK coz he did terrible wicked assassination attempt on her on May 30, 2003. 

And now Than Shwe is doing whatever his fortune teller said to secure his power chair leaving the people in complete chaos. I believe his last time is getting closer. We have a great chance that Burma issue will be discussed at UN Security Council. One way or another, Than Shwe's Myanmar junta will face dead end and left with no other choice but to step down.

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Myanmar junta extends Suu Kyi house arrest - Yahoo! Reuters
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Aung San Suu Kyi to be detained another year - International Herald Tribune
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daw aung san suu kyi

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

ashae ga newin htwet thi pamar

အရေ္ဟ ့ကနေဝန္‌းထ္ဝက္‌ သည္‌့ပမာ
as the sun rise
It is one of the best Burmese novels I have ever read. I read this when I was young. In these two three years, I remember it a lot and wanted to read again. Now… it is available to download here

The story took place at time when students were fighting against English government. I don’t know if it is just about the novelist, (saya) Thein Pe Myint himself. Many characters in the novel are real people we know. It was re-printed several times and translated to 2-3 languages. (if I remember correctly.) It would be better if e-book contain preface from old prints.

အရေ္ဟ ့ကနေဝန္‌းထ္ဝက္‌ သည္‌့ပမာပ၊ တို့ခေတ္‌ကိုသာေရာက္‌ရမည္‌မ္ဟာ မလ္ဝဲပာ။
as the sun rise
[if you do not have Burmese font, 7th one is part one and 8th one is part two.
or use and]

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Friday, November 25, 2005

my last video post

I want to give you some video site links. Most of these sites use flv video format. If you want to download and play these video files, you will need this flv player

The First one is YouTube. It is a community site like Flickr. You can also find Burmese music video like this there. I like YouTube coz it allows us to embed the video on our own sites which is, in other term, called remote loading. For example you can play Khin Bone's song "Moe Pyae" here...

Google video: You know, they are every where. And for google video, there are hacks from site like this where you can download/save the video directly. You just need to copy and paste the URL of search page there and it will generate the file link to download. Don’t confuse here. The downloaded file has no file extension. So you need to rename it giving the file extension “.flv”.

Now, the power of bloggers comes. This site, using Technorati, created the most blogged videos on the web list. They also convert the file format to flv which you can watch on that site. But it is your choice. You can also go to original website from the link and see the video in its own format.

Last one is Darlugo. It is a collection of crazy, funny, and interesting video clips.

Except google video which we have a hack, you can save the video you like by copying from “temporary internet files” or “cache” after watching the video. There are some other ways but I think this method is easiest for everyone. Tip: sort by file size. These files are the largest ones there. YouTube files are also needed to be renamed with flv extension.

Finally, there is a Google video blog. It’s all about interesting Google video links.

And... she hates holidays. ohhh... don't be so sad. :-(

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

interesting, funny, sexy video clips

Here are some interesting, funny, sexy video clips. For, google video downloads, you need to give file extension [.flv] to it. After that, use this small flv player to play.

Video: My Chemical Romance - Helena
Type: music video
Format: flv
Link: [watch] [download flv]
Size: 6.10 MB
Resolution: good
Note: Burning on, just like a match you strike to incinerate the lives of everyone you know

Video: Honeybees attacked by Killer Bees [watch]
Type: Documentary
Format: flv
Size: 7.09 MB
Resolution: good
Note: it's not even a battle. It's simply a massacre.

Video: sexy MS Office XP advertisement
Type: funny advertisement
Format: flv
Link: [watch] [download]
Size: 1.5 MB
Resolution: not bad
Note: The commercial was made only for Switzerland. It was commissioned by an agency to run on TV. Some fans put it online, Microsoft International saw it. As the story goes, the Big Boss said he was not amused. They pulled it. But people keep posting it.

office xp ad

Video: The day my wife met my girlfriend [watch]
Type: funny song
Format: wmv
Size: 3.01 MB
Resolution: not bad
Note: beautiful country music :-)

Video:  presentation about new awesome java OS [watch]
Type: presentation
Format: flv
Size: 5.29 MB
Resolution: not bad
Note: a video about a new awesome operating system that is powered by java. Sadly, i don't know the name of OS.

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what's wrong???? i can't ping anywhere.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Liquid protrusion

This video is hotter than previous one. They gave vibration to a plate of cornstarch solution. While vibrating, they made a hole using jet of air. But the liquid hole stayed there as long as vibration continues. But this is not what I want you to see. Surprises happen when the acceleration is increased to 25g. The video is just 3.8 MB. (you need to watch the movie coz you will see nothing interesting from images there. ) [via]

Read more about their research.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

it is called "Nay Pyi Daw"

I just heard that new Myanmar capital city will be dubbed "Nay Pyi Daw". I want to laugh out loud rolling on the floor. I think Than Shwe is mad to be a king. so pathetic...

So what? Are we supposed to speak like those in kingdom era also?

like this?
old language
and so on...

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Found this clip when I visited youtube this morning. I know she is not beautiful but the way she speaks is so cute. I couldn't catch up all she said but looks cute. (may be according to me.wink) crush crush crush ...

Nunu's theory on pants: a way to make the world look 2 sizes thinner...

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Sunday, November 13, 2005 Flash!!!!!!

Something more awesome than this won’t be as awesome as this. You will be amazed to see flash files on that site. The best part of it is that you can get source fla file. I like "three clicks" most.

Ladies and Gents,
Please click jimpix.

jimpix flash
Here is another one called Neave. Let's grow some digital flowers there.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Aeon Flux

Here is new Sci- Fi movie, Aeon Flux, to be released on December 2. I've got some cool stuffs of this movie. Let me post it later. ;)

Aeon Flux
In the 25th century, a rampaging virus has forced the remnants of humanity into the seclusion of a final city. There is great political conflict within, however, and this is the story of an acrobatic assassin, Aeon Flux (Theron), whose latest target is the government's top leader.

Link: Aeon Flux web site

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Friday, November 11, 2005

Java applet

Do you know what Java applet is? It is quite obsolete now.
If you want to see example of java applet, check this one on my site. When you touch the image with mouse pointer, it looks like touching the surface of water.

Since Macromedia flash was getting more popular Java applet is no more fancy staff on the web. But I found out recently that it is not so obsolete. This live Linux on web browser uses Java applet. Wow!!! it's cool. :)

More applets:

Voxel fly
Water reflection
Under water
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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Future of PC: part I

1) Rise of the AJAX

Most discussed topic in computer field nowadays is AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML).

AJAX is the key player behind Gmail. As you must have noticed, Gmail is not a classic web page. It is almost like a desktop application because it brings only the updated data from server without refreshing the whole web page.

New version Yahoo! mail will use AJAX extremely and work and look like desktop email clients such as "Outlook express". It is in beta state now. You can read more and see screenshots of Yahoo! mail beta here.

So, now, future of Web is moving towards creating web based applications which can perform like desktop programs. Look at Meebo. It is an IM client made using AJAX. Isn't it cool?
May be one day people will use application softwares on web. Microsoft recently announced the release of live. There are also some other companies trying to make use of AJAX.

So... let's see how AJAX will expand its wings in future.

Some websites which use AJAX:
to search eBay
to search Amazon
search music on the fly (from music stores)
google suggest

Further readings:
explained example code (check live search on that blog's sidebar too)

yahoo mail beta

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I'm home!!!

I was in flame war.

The problem started in a small Y! group. So, I posted a comment with the intention to settle the problem. But people mad at my comment and headed the flames towards me. Ohhhhhhhhh… long story. Now I hope everybody calm down there.

Whatever happened… I forget them now.

My place is here. This blog is my home sweet home. I have my blog readers. I have my blogger siblings. 
So, now, I’m back to my home. Don’t go away, stay with me. Interesting posts are on the way. Let’s rock this place!!!!!!!

BG image is my first try. I hope it’s not that bad.