Monday, July 31, 2006

We blog for the truth

ဟိုတစ္ေန႕က ျမန္မာ blog အသစ္တစ္ခုကို ေရာက္သြားျပီး ဖတ္ၾကည့္ျဖစ္တယ္။ ၁၉၈၈ မွာေမြးတဲ့ မိန္းခေလးငယ္ တစ္ဦးရဲ႕ blog ပါ။ (အစက blog URL နဲ႕ blogger ကိုညႊန္းျပီး ေရးမလို႕ပါပဲ။ အခုအဲ့ဒီ blog မရွိေတာ့လို႕။ Update: it is online now. ) ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံ နဲ႕ ႏိုင္ငံသားေတြ ခံစားေနရတာေတြကို သူယုံၾကည္တဲ့ အမွန္တရားဘက္က ရပ္တည္ျပီး ေရးထားတာ ေတြ႕ရေတာ့ ကြ်န္ေတာ့္ထက္ အသက္ အမ်ားၾကီးငယ္ေပမယ့္ ေလးစားမိပါတယ္။ ေနာက္ ကြ်န္ေတာ့္ ဒါကိုေရးဖို႕ ျဖစ္လာတာက... သူ႕ရဲ႕ blogကို ႏိုင္ငံေရး ေရးရေကာင္းလားဆိုျပီး ေ၀ဖန္ၾကတယ္ဆိုလို႕ပါ။

At this point, I cannot understand why someone can ignore the people of Myanmar suffering. As for me, I cannot tolerate those generals manipulating our country, taking all the wealth of country as their own property leaving the country in poverty.

And another point is the use of word "politics / ႏိုင္ငံေရး ". What is politics in Burma. On one side, there are generals and soldiers who are dictators oppressing people. On the other side, there are "activists" who are working to bring down that dictatorship and return the power to the hands of people. Our country is in "resistance" stage. There are more than 1,350 activists detained in notorious Myanmar jails right now. Many students and activists were killed during peaceful demonstrations and during jail time. They are activists who sacrificed their lives for people, not politicians.

So, who am I? I'm just a blogger. I write what I believe. I write what I should highlight to create awareness. I cannot stay without speaking out when I see and hear that my country and people are suffering. If someone says, "ohhh... these are politics. you shouldn't write.", he/she is one of those people making the dictator ruling last longer.

In Burma, even writing and talking about our "father of independence" BoGyoke Aung San is prohibited. There is no freedom of speech at all. Oh... actually, there is no human rights in Burma, you know. So, when I can write what in believe through this blog, I take this opportunity to speak out for the truth, for justice and for freedom.

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  1. Bro, there are lots of story behind that. Not really mean for the sake of writing politic. But I dont like the way she titled me, even she is my close friend.

  2. I didn't mean to title my bro name NLS.. I am so sorry to KNLS.. Thanks a lot to KNCY..

  3. I think it's good that she spoke out what she believed. We all can't avoid politics. It's all part of our lives. It affects all of us in some ways.

  4. Just a postscript to my previous comment:
    A "No" uttered from deepest conviction is better and greater than a "Yes" merely uttered to please, or what is worse, to avoid trouble. -- Mahatma Ghandi

  5. great post man.
    we should blog as we think.
    we should blog as we belive.

  6. Blogging is an alternative place to experess their feelings, thoughts, news...whatever for Burmese/Myanmar people.
    For those who like to read/write it, read/write it. For those who do not like it, just skip it.
    But we can see truth about Burma among the Burmese/Myanmar blogs.

    "Yay thar yay bar ko myin yar"

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