Saturday, December 11, 2004

AI: Alice bot

Alice: The artificial intelligence project from Lehigh University is already 9 years old now. I stumbled on this site last month through BBC Webscape. To what instance ALICE bot can respond your conversation? I tried her (Yeah, they refer “ALICE” as “her”.) asking some questions. She could keep the context to next conversation. Look at this…

dathana : do you have knowledge?
ALICE: I contain an immense knowledge base.

dathana : example

ALICE: For example, Do you believe the strong protect the weak?

dathana : how do you know?
ALICE: Deductive reasoning.

dathana : sounds cool
ALICE: Yes it sounds like it to me too,.

If you ask her too much questions, she would retort you with a question. Sometimes she can give you good suggestions such as referring you to look in open directory. 
You can also get your own bot for free. You can train your bot adding more category, knowledge and so on. 
I wonder what if the search engines like Google combine with ALICE-bot and have natural language search feature. Isn’t it possible?
Or add the whole encyclopedia to her knowledge base. And make a handheld device with voice recognition system so that we will be able to bring that device anywhere and ask anything we want to know.

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