Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Zawgyi-one converter and my blog name

I’m not feeling happy these days. I have this and that ongoing and pending works, and problems arises from here and there, that’s why works didn’t go well smoothly and finally I have been  angry most of the time. Anyway, I just want to say a few things I need to mention.

I inserted the zawgyi-one converter to my blog. I got the script from mm bloggers help desk. (Thanks ko Mhaw-saya for the link). I don’t know who wrote the code. I’m so thankful to them. Actually, they should mention the coder’s name, license and blah blah blah in script file as most of the java script writers do. Since I changed the preferred font to Padauk, I placed it into my webhost.  Hope all zawgyi-one users can read my   Burmese posts now. But I want everybody to switch to Padauk/myanmar3 (Unicode 5.1 compliant fonts).   Because, it is sooooo much easier to type.  And I want to say "Standard font ကိုသုံးခြင်းဖြင့် ၐုဏ်ယူပါ။ :) "

By the way, I dubbed my new blog “Ancient Ghost”. Reason one is that there are many many similar blog names like mine these days (although I am the first one.) There are lots of blogs names ending with  "... ရာ" nowadays. Another reason is that I want to keep my old blog with that name and make this blog as new separate blog. (But I may not write new post on old blog.)

And. . . the connection is slow slow slow. They said it was temporary during the maintenance works for fiber optic cable. Hope it is true.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Burma and SPDC (I)

I wrote the following last week and left unfinished. But I think I should just post it part by part since it would be a long post. And this post is not a new story. I just want to compile some of my point of views on last year.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - -

People here are grumbling for electric power outage these days. You know, we get just around 2 hours of electricity a day. It was terrible. The city Thanshwe just built is shining with bright lights at night. You can feel that you are approaching the city when you see the brighter street lights on highway. If you reach to Kyap-pyay (naypyiday as they call) you would think it is a different country due to bright lights and full electricity all time. Although the whole country is suffering, Than Shwe is celebrating the opening of a new huge pagoda called Uppatasanti.  Who knows how much money used in this project while people from delta region are still suffering from poverty after cyclone Nargis. Without the help of INGOs’ I can’t think of how they would survive.

ThanShwe built this city. He built it following the instructions of astrologers in order to maintain his power. He used money of the country in building this Kyap-Pyay city (naypyidaw, according to him), in building his strong army and in upgrading is wealth day by day.  But people has no opportunity to do business freely. Villagers are oppressed, ethnic people are oppressed, no freedom of expression, no freedom in religion. It may sounds like an old song but Burma suffered more than that. So, let me write this for the days I couldn’t blog.  

In the end of last year, lots of democracy activists were sentenced to long term imprisonments.  Activists like 88 generation students got around 65 years of jail terms for walking silently on roads after fuel price hike in August 2007. People like comedian Zargana who helped the cyclone victims got of jail terms of 59 years. Thanshwe, that brutal Thanshwe and SPDC did nothing for cyclone victims for weeks. Although international news broadcasted the forecast and warned about cyclone to Burma on time, Burmese SPDC described it as there was no danger. Although there were warnings at evening of May 2 on TV, it was quite late and information was not bold enough to reach all the people. The cyclone Nargis entered the Irrawaddy delta region and Yangon that night. Small huts of villagers were blown away by wind and people were killed by strong tide. When the storm calm down, the land was with dead bodies floating around. People survived have nothing to eat, nowhere to live and family members were dead and lots of dead bodies around them. SPDC even didn’t think to do rescue works. Only the NGOs INGOs and individual people and groups went there to help. The army even stopped the helpers in various incidents. International aids were trying to enter the country by helicopters and by ships.  But Thanshwe and SPDC did not care and resume the planned referendum throughout the country.  (it would be another story to write about their fake referendum for the constitution which was written as they wished to rule Burma eternally.) Later, after the visit of Ban Ki-moon, SPDC allowed foreign aids on May 19.

To be continued ...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Myanmarsa II

My previous post about “Myanmar-sa” is written in Unicode font. So, if you cannot read that post, it means, you don’t have that font and since you cannot read it, you would not know which font you should install. It is going on like a loop, huh? :P That was the mistake I made. That’s why I’ll write this post in English.

It was in 2006, it think, many Myanmar Unicode fonts came out. But most of the fonts were partial-Unicode fonts. They used the Unicode character space assigned for Myanmar, but these fonts does not conform the standards. At that time, I was thinking to start to blog in Burmese. So, I checked this and that fonts to be used on my blog. Later, myanmar1 came out and it conform the standards somehow and Padauk, which works only on certain release of Firefox browser. I used to write about it these days.

Anyway, what I want to say is that Burmese posts I will write from now on will be readable with Padauk, myanmar3 and mymyanmar fonts. If you want to type using these fonts,

  • download them from the URLs at the end of this post

  • Keyboard layout can be found in myanmar3 pack. (very similar to win-innwa)

  • I use myanmar3 keyboard as input method and use Padauk font to display.

  • Myanmar3 installation instruction has one step missing.  After installation, you may need to go to control panel, » regional and language options » language tab » details... » add ...

  • Select myanmar3 as follows:

  • Typing is very very easy. You type normal characters simply as shown in character map.

  • You type as you write on paper. (no need to type ya-yit first)

  • There are no several ya-yits . The shape will change accordingly. Ya-yit is at “j key ”.

  • To type pat-sints, type the upper character » type shift+f » type the lower character. It will go down automatically. Eg. Mandalay = ma » na » (shift+f) » ta »...

    (Notice that na-nge shape changed automatically too :)

By the way, I couldn’t type Monday (ta-nin-lar) first. I couldn’t figure it out at all. But, I learnt it later with the help of Mhaw-Saya. (Thank you, ko Mhaw-Saya) it is... .  ta» na» nga» athet» (shift+f)» la» yaycha

Be careful in using some characters.

  • Wa-lone is at (shift+w). Please don't use zero key!!!

  • Alphabet Oo is at (shift+u) but nya-kalay is at (shift+n). they are different. Please don’t mess them up. :P

I think that’s all I need to say. I wish you happy read/ write in mm Unicode fonts.

Here are some download and useful links for you.

Padauk font download

Download Myanmar3 Unicode font.


font converter

unicode-and-culture-of-myanmar-language by Mhaw Saya

PS: I found out that NyiLynnSeck doing lots of studies on current versions. I hope future versions will be improved accordingly. And မာခ် is sharing his codes in word processing methods.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Nyein Chan Yar Reloaded

New URL of Nyein Chan Yar is .

Feed URL is I transferred new feed to the same feedburner address, so that my new posts from new blog will appear in your feed reader. Thank you everyone for not leaving me. My new blog looks quite plain in design for I have no time to touch the template and I can't wait until I make it. I just want to start with new posts.
see you @

Monday, March 02, 2009

his head

What? How? Why? I was so annoyed today. But I couldn’t figure it out yet. Those waste of time. Their wants. Those strings attached to me. Forces exerting on my life. ဘယ် အရာအတွက်မှလည်း မခံစာချင်ဘူး။ the future is mine. Don’t disturb me. Time is valuable for me. Don’t disturb me. အရေမရအဖတ်မရ ခံစားချက်တို့နဲ့တော့ နှလုံးသားကို ဆေးမဆိုးချင် ။ ဘယ်အရာမဆို ပေးဆပ်ရတာချည်းပေမယ့် တန်ဖိုးချင်းတော့ကွာမှာပေါ့။ စိတ်တွေ ရှုတ်ရှက်လုံးထွေး ရစ်ပတ်နေအောင် သွေးကြောတွေထဲမှာ နာကြည်းခံပြင်းမှုတွေ လှည့်ပတ်စီးဆင်း။ သူတို့လို ကြက်သရေတုံးတွေဟာ ကျုပ်တို့ကမ္ဘာမြေကြီးမှာ အမှိုက်တွေပဲ။ ဆရာကြီးတက်လုပ် နေသူတွေ နုံအ အသုံးမကျတာလောက် အထင်သေး ရှုတ်ချ ချင်တာ မရှိတော့ဘူး။ all they want, stupid ideas, those shits in his head, damn idiot. Go away. မယုံနိုင်ဘူး၊

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