Sunday, October 23, 2005

Myanmar Unicode - Correction

I messed up. Coz I didn’t do my homework and talked. smile

Now I learnt that "Myanmar1" is the only font which complies with Unicode standard

Actually, myanmar1 font renders the mendials (ya-pint, ya-yit) with the combination of a-thet, , and ya ( ယ and ရ ) respectively. က+ ္+ရ = က္ရ . And subscripts also do the same thing. a-thet,  , and letter itself.
For “Mandalay”, မ+န+ ္ +တ+ ေလး = မန္တလေး. This is the linguistic approach for mendials and subscripts. For normal   ္‌ they add zero width non-joiner (200C)
no no, I’m not saying that u gotta type like that. Truetype Open font will automatically do it for you. .

from myanmar uni pdf
Fig: myanmar_uni.pdf

” does a beautiful trick here. It is arranged to be typed after consonant coz Unicode standard states that vowels are stored after the consonant. But I think, it is also useful for line braking. For word processing, Myanmar do not have space between words for line brakes. First method is to regard as a break before consonant. Now ya-yit and “” come after consonant not like before. Looks like it is solved. But there are more to consider. Read this pdf file for detail

Myanmar Collation. (pdf)

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  1. အကို

    ကူညီေပးပၙဉီး။ ဘယ္လိုေတၙ စ္‌ဖစ္‌န္ယန္‌းလည္‌းမသိေတာ့ဘူး


  2. I'm just reading this unicode thingie and I got lost :( Man this is just too hard for me. Esp with no burmese typing experience. Will try that slowly.
    But good effort for making it possible and thanks for that. :)

  3. To type on the web I'd put this page
    developed by thanlwinsoft. It is
    easier to type gylphs with that page.

  4. the following is the download page of opentype font and KB installer.
    I should have included that in my post.

  5. all the Installation instructions are here.

  6. Hey guys,
    what shall I do for reading the Burmese fonts you posted? Now I see nothing but many squares.
    btw, you can visit me thru' (degolar=come here)


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