Friday, October 21, 2005

Myanmar Unicode - continued

So… Let me continue my Unicode story. 

Yesterday, after I wrote the update on my previous post, I found this post by Waipyo and also Lynn seck emailed me about this site

Advantages of this keyboard installer is that it is quite smart for ya-yit.  first, I can type as I write (i.e. first ka and later ya-yit) and second, the size of ya-yit is automatically chosen. And also act a bit strangely.

Disadvantages: font myanmar1 does not include subscript characters. Lots of spaces in character map are left blank. I can’t even type “Mandalay”, မႎၨေလး. Check this if you want to know how many characters we need.

And some characters are different from other unicode fonts like Myazedi, BIT and UniBurma.
I think Myazedi, BIT and UniBurma are better. ohhh I'm confused. Give me a standard and complete one.

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