Friday, October 14, 2005

I hate realPlayer

Damn!!!! I hate realPlayer. I boycotted it since three years ago. If a video or sound clip on web needs real player, i just leave it without watching. You know that player is so greedy. It registers all media files types on my pc and run whenever i click on those files. I changed those files types to be handled by my favorite player but later it changed it back. It also comes up whenever i put a media CD. If I remember correctly it also forced to stay in system tray at startup. I don't like Its user interface and it displays too much advertisements. In the end I had to uninstall it. 

Why am I  talking this? Because they are still greedy. They sued Microsoft for bundling media player into Windows OS. The deal would include Microsoft paying cash ($761-million) as well as advertising for Real services and Real will obtain long-term access to Windows Media technologies to enhance Real’s media software solutions.
Ohhh shameless realplayer.

Link: Microsoft and Real Reach Pact

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  1. Me too!! i hate that stupid realplayer. everything u mentioned was true!! it drives me nuts!


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