Tuesday, August 30, 2005


This photo is tremendous. It is Thomas Hawk's image at Flickr. I recommend you to check the high resolution image (2048 x 1365) (598KB) and see the details.

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Friday, August 26, 2005

Fold n' Drop

This small program called OriMado is awesome. If you want to move file between two or more overlapping windows, it will automatically fold down the window layer. You even do not need to install it. Just click the OriMado.exe and it works right away. try it now!!! It is free to download here. Have fun!!!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Humanoid Robots

If you are interested in robotics, here are some links with videos. The robot from ISI kicks up its legs and rolls back onto its shoulders to gain the momentum it needs to rock up onto its feet and into a crouching position. Its movement looks very much like a human. [news article] [video 13MB Mpeg] Second one I want you to see is from hanson robotics. They made human face which can act and speak like human. [video 17.27 mov] (more videos on this page.) Links: news article on newscientist.com R Daneel video Biomimetic-robot-Hanson.mov http://hansonrobotics.com/press.php

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Einstein's handwritten manuscript

If you wonder how Einstein's handwriting would look like, this is your chance to see. The original manuscript of a paper Albert Einstein published in 1925 has been found in the archives of Leiden University's Lorentz Institute for Theoretical Physics, Netherlands. The handwritten manuscript titled "Quantum theory of the monatomic ideal gas" is about Bose-Einstein condensation. Graduate student, Rowdy Boeyink, working on his master's thesis found the delicate manuscript of Einstein in archive of University. He also found some other important documents like letter from Danish physicist Niels Bohr. High-resolution photographs of the 16-page, German-language manuscript and an account of its discovery can be seen on the institute's Web site.

Links: News article on Yahoo! and Washington post http://www.lorentz.leidenuniv.nl/history/Einstein_archive/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bose-Einstein_condensate Technorati Tags: ,

Monday, August 15, 2005

Myanmar Unicode

The new Burmese website, http://www.burmaguide.net/, launched just a few days before August 8, came up with full-fledged Myanmar Unicode. But I still don't know how they placed that character map on keyboard. And I believe they must have a tool to type that much on http://burmese.lanpya.net/. Previously, there was Myazedi who started Unicode project but left unfinished. The character map started at 1000 and ended at 109F. For html, 4096 to 4255 in base 10. I'm trying to make some tools to type in this Unicode or to convert text in CE or Win to Unicode format. The following are the characters in Unicode font "bit". I marked character "b" before unused place and dash "-" where necessary. You need to download and install "bit" font from this page to see the following. ကခ ဂ ဃင စ ဆ ဇဈ ဉညဋ ဌဍ ဎ ဏတထ ဒဓ န ပဖဗ ဘ မ ယ ရ လ ဝ သ ဟ ဠ အဢ ဣဤ ဥ ဦဧ ဨဩ ဪ bါ -ာ -ိ-ီ -ု -ူ -ေ -ဲ ဳ-- ဴ- -ဵ-ံ --့ --း -္ b် bျ bြbွ bှ bဿ ၀ ၁၂ ၃ ၄၅ ၆ ၇ ၈၉ ၊ ။ ၌ ၍ ၎ ၏ ၐ ၑ ၒ ၓ ၔ ၕ ၖ ၗ -ၘ -ၙ bၚ bၛ bၜ -ၝ -ၞ -ၟ -ၠ -ၡ -ၢ -ၣ -ၤ -ၥ -ၦ -ၧ -ၨ -ၩ -ၪ -ၫ -ၬ -ၭ -ၮ -ၯ -ၰ -ၱ -ၲ -ၳ -ၴ -ၵ -ၶ -ၷ -ၸ -ၹ -ၺ -ၻ bၼ -ၽ -ၾ -ၿ -ႀ -ႁ -ႂ -ႃ -ႄ -ႅ -ႆ -ႇ -ႈ -ႉ -ႊ -ႋ -ႌ -ႍ -ႎ -ႏ ႐-- ႑- ႒-- ႓- ႔-- ႕- -႖ -႗ -႘ -႙ -ႚ -ႛ -ႜ -ႝ -႞ -႟ Technorati Tags: ,

What do you think?

A friend of mine forwarded me the following email. What do you think? It makes me... Attachment:
I have just received an e-mail stating that the personal information in our passports are now available online due to the move for globalized screening of entries and exits of people in most, if not all countries. The information has been accessed through the Schengen , American, Australian and Asian database. It is scary that they are doing this now. It does not only invade our privacy, but exposes us to danger, if these information land on the wrong hands. The matter that gives me a fright is that there is no strict form of security to access the site. One only needs to type his name and country of citizenship and the passport's identification page displays. I myself tried to search and found my passport and was totally stunned to see it. Check it out for yourself by clicking on the link below: http://www.scrolllock.nl/passport/ I hope we can make a protest against this. Regards

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Monday, August 08, 2005


Today is the 17th anniversary of 8888 mass uprising. I bow here for students and all people who sacrificed their lives in this fight for democracy. Technorati Tags: ,

Monday, August 01, 2005


Why didn’t I know such a cutie exist before? It also come along with many cuties. The name of that cutie is “konfabulator” and said cuties are called “widgets”. Okay… here is what konfabulator is :

Konfabulator is a JavaScript runtime engine for Windows and Mac OS X that lets you run little files called Widgets that can do pretty much whatever you want them to. Widgets can be alarm clocks, calculators, can tell you your WiFi signal strength, will fetch the latest stock quotes for your preferred symbols, and even give your current local weather. What sets Konfabulator apart from other scripting applications is that it takes full advantage of today's advanced graphics. This allows Widgets to blend fluidly into your desktop without the constraints of traditional window borders. Toss in some sliding and fading, and these little guys are right at home in Windows XP and Mac OS X.
I found it newly coz konfabulator was acquired by Yahoo these days. So now Yahoo is giving it away for free which was 20$ worth before. That’s why I downloaded and playing with this new toy. BTW, they also have konfabulator history cartoon which made me smile. Beware! It is quite addictive. You will be busy browsing widgets and trying one after another. Links: http://www.konfabulator.com/ http://www.widgetgallery.com/ http://widgets.yahoo.com/ Related: My previous toy. Technorati Tags: , ,