Friday, February 22, 2008

Myanmar image Gallery

Yesterday, my friend, Yangonthu MoeMoe, sent me a link to gallery of Myanmar called “I dreamt of Burma”. When I open that page, I couldn’t stop saying “Wow” and “wow!” seeing the photos.  All images are awesome and include all types of photos like sceneries, people and so on. All photos are taken by Anna Pagnacco. Anyway, you go and see it for yourself. :)
PS: Thanks MoeMoe for your link.
Mandalay palace

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Although I had some topics I felt I should write, I was so sick for four days. First of all, on Feb 14, Phado Mahn Sha, secretary-general of the Karen National Union, was assassinated by two men. He died instantly. It was a great loss for KNU, for Karen people and thus for Burma. As for me, I knew him only through radio interviews and learnt he was a good leader of Karen ethnic people. It was really sad news for all democracy activists. How much blood should we have to lose more for freedom?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Union day of Burma

Today is the Union day of Burma. If you are interested, you can read The Panglong Agreement here.

The following is poster for this Union day. I like it so much but dunno the link where the original one sits. I found it at kadaung and pyaesonelay blog.

Last year's post: Union Day and Panglong Agreement

2008 union day burma

Monday, February 11, 2008

Highway to hell

The damn SPDC and their business partners were screwed. they got more sanctions. How could they monopolize the whole country's economy.  all the big companies are theirs. All business are under the army owned company what they call myanmar holding. If you want to run a big business here, you gotta partner with them. All rich people here are those of damn SPDC or their business partners. Those business partners screwed the people of burma they suck Burma until dry and they share all those wealth with army dogs. Look at soe win, he is having fun in hell now. He orchestrated the massacre at depaeyin.   ooohhhhh... those dogs. Than shwe and mg aye and all of you with army uniforms and ur partners . you will go to hell like Ne Win did. Ohhh come on am i so rude today.

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