Saturday, May 28, 2005

spoof your friend

If u wanna tease ur friend and send it also to other friends, MSN spoof would be the right choice. Since, it would appear as a real search result from an important search engine, everybody believes that. you just give d personality of ur friend from some given options, MSN search would generate a funny search result. after that, just enter ur friend's email address and some other friends u want it to share. he he... I made one for a friend and he really clicked on the result anxiously. MSN spoof

Thursday, May 26, 2005

look around 360° 3D

It is 360° 3D. look around, look up and down. So, you'll be there virtually. Apollo 11, 12, 17 on moon, NY Times square and many famous places. You need QuickTime player to watch. When video is loaded, drag the image with mouse pointer in all directions u like. have fun!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

What did you do to Burma?

The news I heard about Burma these days are so depressing. There was hunger strike of political prisoners in Yangon Innsein jail. During these days, tortures by warders happened and the wounded persons are in terrible conditions. Moreover, these prisoners were sent to far away countryside jails. Poor parents of these prisoners cannot afford to visit their son. Look at this news . Poor mother is mourning for his son. Many political prisoners health are worsening and not getting proper treatment.

links: (news in Burmese)

I wish the pains and sufferings of these political prisoners and their families could soon be over. May the mourning mothers and fathers be together with their sons again.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Let’s fly with KNOPPIX.

Wow!!! I’ve got a new toy!!! ;P I downloaded KNOPPIX 3.6. You know… the complete Linux OS run from CD without installing anything on hard drive. V awesome!!!!!! It was the breathtaking moment for me. Really!!!!!! U should try it. The KDE interface is so gorgeous. And many software packages like OpenOffice, GIMP and so on. (I think almost all the basic programs you would need.) It works with my hardware flawlessly. (also my ADSL connection. no need to configure manually at all.) It uses Konqueror as file browser and web browser. (yeah… Mozilla is also included but Konqueror is way 2 better.) Actually newest release is 3.8.1 when I checked. I didn’t know coz I had cued it to dl since last month. What a sad :-( Anyway, I’m so curious with this toy. I think I’ll talk about it more later. he he I hope my CD drive won’t break apart into pieces these days. Let’s fly with KNOPPIX!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Who is behind those explosions?

One bomb exploded at Mandalay Zegyo Market on April 26. And again three more simultaneous bomb explosions at Yangon on May 7. Who is behind those explosions? Nobody on revolution side would do such thing because they are working for people and they have no intention to harm people. [news link]

Saturday, May 07, 2005

IBM and Apple's G5

Yesterday, a friend of mine who is working at IBM told me that apple’s G5 processors are manufactured by IBM. I always thought apple’s processors are made by Motorola. Motorola's latest chip is G4 and they are just improving G4 with 128-bit vector processing unit called AltiVec. Apple rolled out G5 Power Mac with two 64-bit PowerPC processors running side by side around August 2003. Yes, of course, G5 is RISC. I wondered around Apple’s website and look at this iMac G5, big power in thin and small case. Check out the following links!!!!!!!!! > G5 processor > IBM process > G5 processor > architecture > G5processor Apple claims to be the first to bring 64-bit computing down to the mass-market level. Anyway, this is a quite old story I learnt late.