Saturday, May 07, 2005

IBM and Apple's G5

Yesterday, a friend of mine who is working at IBM told me that apple’s G5 processors are manufactured by IBM. I always thought apple’s processors are made by Motorola. Motorola's latest chip is G4 and they are just improving G4 with 128-bit vector processing unit called AltiVec. Apple rolled out G5 Power Mac with two 64-bit PowerPC processors running side by side around August 2003. Yes, of course, G5 is RISC. I wondered around Apple’s website and look at this iMac G5, big power in thin and small case. Check out the following links!!!!!!!!! > G5 processor > IBM process > G5 processor > architecture > G5processor Apple claims to be the first to bring 64-bit computing down to the mass-market level. Anyway, this is a quite old story I learnt late.

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