Friday, May 13, 2005

Let’s fly with KNOPPIX.

Wow!!! I’ve got a new toy!!! ;P I downloaded KNOPPIX 3.6. You know… the complete Linux OS run from CD without installing anything on hard drive. V awesome!!!!!! It was the breathtaking moment for me. Really!!!!!! U should try it. The KDE interface is so gorgeous. And many software packages like OpenOffice, GIMP and so on. (I think almost all the basic programs you would need.) It works with my hardware flawlessly. (also my ADSL connection. no need to configure manually at all.) It uses Konqueror as file browser and web browser. (yeah… Mozilla is also included but Konqueror is way 2 better.) Actually newest release is 3.8.1 when I checked. I didn’t know coz I had cued it to dl since last month. What a sad :-( Anyway, I’m so curious with this toy. I think I’ll talk about it more later. he he I hope my CD drive won’t break apart into pieces these days. Let’s fly with KNOPPIX!!!!!!!!!

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