Thursday, September 13, 2007


Moon and Sun at north pole. [high resolution 1024x768 px]
Note: this is an Illustration, not a photo.
Moon and Sun at north pole

Telecopic shot of moon over horizon. [high resolution 1024x768 px]
Note: The ocean was added later, I think.
Telecopic shot of moon over horizon


  1. no its not. its not possible for the moon to look so much bigger than the sun. but it's a nice image nonetheless.

  2. Beutiful! HAHAHA i wish we really did have a veiw of the moon like this thats natural it said its a telescopic shot with the ocean added in right?

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  4. also the other picture is very beutiful too thats awsome they both look liek real photos

  5. Of course it is possible... usually the Moon is closer to the Earth than the Sun. This is the sunset at the North Pole with the Moon at its closest point.
    It's not an illustration. It's a real photo. And it's a scene you will probably never get to see... So enjoy it now.

  6. ive seen simular, i believe it is an actual photo.

  7. Yeah.. this is definitely fake. Can't you see the lighter square around the moon?
    Believable if you're not a photoshopper.
    It's impossible to make the moon look that large.


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