Monday, September 10, 2007

This is the time

I can't stay without writing this because SPDC keeps lying about what happened at Pa-Khauk-Kuu. Last week, on September 5, while about 400 Buddhist monks protested peacefully just reciting prayers, the authorities arrived and started arresting the monks. Some of the monks arrested were tied at the street light pole and beaten by the police. Some of the beaten monks had to be hospitalized. But SPDC announced the reverse saying the monks did violent movements.

But, I think this protest was quite a success because when the authorities came to monastery to apologize, the monks didn't allow them to leave and set their cars on fire. And the monks destroyed two houses of the men who participated in cracking down the peaceful protest. I always support non violent movements but when this movement always suffer, I think, the solution may be something else.

According to the news, the strategy of SPDC in cracking down the peaceful protests is to use trained groups like USDA who will be disguised as part of people.


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