Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Photos of peaceful demonstration of monks at Yangon

Today, hundreds of monks strike peacefully at Yangon. Over one thousand people gathered around the monks showing their support. Ko moezack posted the very fresh photos of today events at his blog, http://www.moezack.blogspot.com/. [Note: there are about two pages of photos.]

image credit to moezack

image credit to moezack

Visit http://www.moezack.blogspot.com/ now.

Thanks mh for sending me link.

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  1. Ko Dathana,
    Now some of MM blogs got closed, including ko moezack that u had referred, wht happened 2 em?
    Still, thanks to God, i can read at least your blog!
    Walk/work on, anyway, i'm looking forward to reading news from you!!!



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