Wednesday, September 26, 2007

26 September 2007

Today, Military (SPDC) started to crack down peaceful demonstrations violently.

The parade which reached in front of city hall was surrounded by many army trucks and soldiers fired guns upward to threaten. They fired once into the crowd and one 45 years old lady was wounded severely. According to some sources, two monks died during the clash.

Another parade confronted with troops and trucks full of soldiers at Bo-Gyoke-Aung-San road. When the parade did not stop, the troops had to withdraw back. When the troops were under fly-over (freeway) road, the people watching from there threw slippers and garbage to the troops underneath.

Another parade at Kyi-Myint-dine came across riot polices at the corner of Baho street. When the police forces started to arrest the monks, people around attack the police until police withdraw back.

The parade at Shwedagon Pagoda were surrounded by army at around 3 pm. The troops used tear gas bombs to disperse the parade and the riot police beat the monks. The beat the head, kick with boots and stamp upon the monks when they fell down. But the monks resist saying goodwill prayers. Some sources said there were clashes at Shwe-gon-dine and the polices beat the monks while they bow to request them.

Since today morning, SPDC announced curfew stating the restriction not to go out between 9 pm and 5 am. Famous comedian ZarGanar was arrested last night (25Sept, mid night). Zar-ganar, famous actor Kyaw Thu and many other actors, poets and singers were supporting the protesting monks actively these days. Even though SPDC came and arrest Kyaw Thu and poet Aung Way, there were secure since there were hiding at some other place.

Despite the crack downs, the monks decided not to give up and continue the peaceful strike. As I said in previous post, the people and monks shout no slogans but saying prayers only.  

To the infinite living beings living in infinite universes to the east, west, north and south,
May they be free of danger,
May they be free of anger,
May they be free of sufferings, and
May their hearts be calm and peaceful.

ref: Mizzima and other news.


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