Wednesday, September 26, 2007

26th Sept @Shwe Dagon Pagoda

Smoke from tear gas rises over Yadeshe Road in downtown Yangon.

At Yay-tar-Shae Street near Shwedagon pagoda, soldiers destroyed the small shops of street vendors and set the wreckage on fire when the rally arrived.

Hi! I'm another Ghost from NyeinChanYar Blog. I'll update more photos later.

Credit to REUTERS, Ko Htike Blog, Soneseayar Blog and Moemakha Blog for all photos.


  1. We are following the breaking news out of Myanmar (Burma) here in Germany Ancient Ghost and Eccentric Ghost. I was able to find your blog via a post published to Global Voices Online.

    It's great to see that you and other bloggers can get information about the protests and the inevitable military crackdown out of the country despite all of the efforts by the junta to silence your people.

    It's one of the greatest acts of peaceful civil disobediance and protests against a brutal regime I have ever witnessed and I want you to know that I and millions of others are standing with you today. I posted an article about the protests at my blog to encourage my global readers to do the same___ stand up with the people of Myanmar.

  2. from first foto, i c these soldiers wear their boot on the stairs of pagoda.
    ဘုရားေပၚကို စစ္ဖိနပ္နဲ႔တက္တာေတြ႔ရတာ စိတ္မခ်မ္းေျမ့လိုက္တာ။ ဗုဒၶဘာသာ မဟုတ္ၾကလို႔လား။ ငရဲႀကီးမွာ မေၾကာက္ၾက၊ အ၀ီဇိကို မေၾကာက္ၾကဘူးလား။

  3. I have written a blog post about your blog and with some photos:

    What can we to help?

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  5. Great job on this scary Burma scene...

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  6. Worldwide support is needed to result in voluntary funds for the people to protect themselves. If you do not wish to donate funds, that is no problem, spreading the word is a great deal.

    Please, please would burmese people post examples of torture so readers can get a clear picture of exactly how immoral the abuse is, like nazi treatment. Would any person condone nazi torture and degradation. It is so sick, we need more information. 1000, 5000, 1 million examples will all help to open peoples' eyes so they can see the training of military is like training nazis. This military may one day become China's army, how will we stop the terror then???? Please anonomously post the examples, the burmese have been silenced for too long...............

    I am anonymous because the Junta would track down my family in Burma and kill them for this message being posted. Please help

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