Saturday, October 29, 2005

... And Justice For All

I just feel that I must speak out on this issue. Burma and its luck of Justice… You must have seen such kind of events in movies about historical stories during age of empires or dark ages. But it is still happening in Burma.

Let’s imagine you are watching such kind of movie. You see people are forced to work under the weapons of rulers. Some people are starving, some people are sick, some people are old but they all were forced to work. (of course leaving their own earning works.)

Ma Su Su Nwae who is suffering from heart disease and Ko Aung Zin Moe, whose wife is about to give birth to a child requested for exemption from the work which they were forced to. But they were threatened to be arrested. 

So they, reported to ILO about that and started a lawsuit against local authority. Local court though they did not want to accept the case, accepted due to ILO’s request and arrested the village authorities. (Actually, village authorities were not the ones who made this forced labor. Army did that!!!)

(from NDD WINC issue 183)

After this lawsuit, local authorities created a fake accusation to Ma Su Su Nwae and after a long trial, they sentenced her to one and half years in jail.  
This is the animosity of a government towards it’s own citizen. 

Links:  ILO 
NDD WINC issue 183

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