Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Myanmar Unicode typing tool

Ok... Let's talk about Burmese Unicode. 

For not having a keyboard to type Burmese in Unicode, I made a typing page last week . Though is is not smart, it must be useful to some instance. (Please... I'm not a computer guy.) But I will also try to make it accept keyboard input later.  I promise. :)

BTW, i'd talked about this here (in comments) and here before. As I said there, ponNya_web and keyman worked somehow. But the character set is different.

Yesterday, I found this project on sourceforge. I tried it and it works. So go there and download fonts and keyboard installer. First install fonts then install the KB. After that do as instructed in readme file. [For WIN XP... Start > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Language Tab > Details > English(United States) > Add/Remove > Myanmar(Burmese) After that, from lower left button... language bar> show language bar on desktop] . That's it.


UPDATE: @ Wednesday, October 20, 2005.
When i check that site today, the developer has removed the downloads for further development. You can read explanation here. If you want to download, I'd put them here. coz it is redistributable under GNU General Public License.

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  1. eazy way to get myanmar unicode typing tool is
    just install then restart
    language setting auto add
    you can download for gtalk myanmar chat


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