Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Zawgyi-one converter and my blog name

I’m not feeling happy these days. I have this and that ongoing and pending works, and problems arises from here and there, that’s why works didn’t go well smoothly and finally I have been  angry most of the time. Anyway, I just want to say a few things I need to mention.

I inserted the zawgyi-one converter to my blog. I got the script from mm bloggers help desk. (Thanks ko Mhaw-saya for the link). I don’t know who wrote the code. I’m so thankful to them. Actually, they should mention the coder’s name, license and blah blah blah in script file as most of the java script writers do. Since I changed the preferred font to Padauk, I placed it into my webhost.  Hope all zawgyi-one users can read my   Burmese posts now. But I want everybody to switch to Padauk/myanmar3 (Unicode 5.1 compliant fonts).   Because, it is sooooo much easier to type.  And I want to say "Standard font ကိုသုံးခြင်းဖြင့် ၐုဏ်ယူပါ။ :) "

By the way, I dubbed my new blog “Ancient Ghost”. Reason one is that there are many many similar blog names like mine these days (although I am the first one.) There are lots of blogs names ending with  "... ရာ" nowadays. Another reason is that I want to keep my old blog with that name and make this blog as new separate blog. (But I may not write new post on old blog.)

And. . . the connection is slow slow slow. They said it was temporary during the maintenance works for fiber optic cable. Hope it is true.

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