Saturday, March 14, 2009

Myanmarsa II

My previous post about “Myanmar-sa” is written in Unicode font. So, if you cannot read that post, it means, you don’t have that font and since you cannot read it, you would not know which font you should install. It is going on like a loop, huh? :P That was the mistake I made. That’s why I’ll write this post in English.

It was in 2006, it think, many Myanmar Unicode fonts came out. But most of the fonts were partial-Unicode fonts. They used the Unicode character space assigned for Myanmar, but these fonts does not conform the standards. At that time, I was thinking to start to blog in Burmese. So, I checked this and that fonts to be used on my blog. Later, myanmar1 came out and it conform the standards somehow and Padauk, which works only on certain release of Firefox browser. I used to write about it these days.

Anyway, what I want to say is that Burmese posts I will write from now on will be readable with Padauk, myanmar3 and mymyanmar fonts. If you want to type using these fonts,

  • download them from the URLs at the end of this post

  • Keyboard layout can be found in myanmar3 pack. (very similar to win-innwa)

  • I use myanmar3 keyboard as input method and use Padauk font to display.

  • Myanmar3 installation instruction has one step missing.  After installation, you may need to go to control panel, » regional and language options » language tab » details... » add ...

  • Select myanmar3 as follows:

  • Typing is very very easy. You type normal characters simply as shown in character map.

  • You type as you write on paper. (no need to type ya-yit first)

  • There are no several ya-yits . The shape will change accordingly. Ya-yit is at “j key ”.

  • To type pat-sints, type the upper character » type shift+f » type the lower character. It will go down automatically. Eg. Mandalay = ma » na » (shift+f) » ta »...

    (Notice that na-nge shape changed automatically too :)

By the way, I couldn’t type Monday (ta-nin-lar) first. I couldn’t figure it out at all. But, I learnt it later with the help of Mhaw-Saya. (Thank you, ko Mhaw-Saya) it is... .  ta» na» nga» athet» (shift+f)» la» yaycha

Be careful in using some characters.

  • Wa-lone is at (shift+w). Please don't use zero key!!!

  • Alphabet Oo is at (shift+u) but nya-kalay is at (shift+n). they are different. Please don’t mess them up. :P

I think that’s all I need to say. I wish you happy read/ write in mm Unicode fonts.

Here are some download and useful links for you.

Padauk font download

Download Myanmar3 Unicode font.


font converter

unicode-and-culture-of-myanmar-language by Mhaw Saya

PS: I found out that NyiLynnSeck doing lots of studies on current versions. I hope future versions will be improved accordingly. And မာခ် is sharing his codes in word processing methods.

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