Friday, January 27, 2006

Wake up Burma!!!

I have been thinking more about Burma these days after reading Dr. Salai Tun Than’s open letter to SPDC. He proposed three choices (plus to release all political prisoners) for SPDC. Of course it is so sure that SPDC will not listen. There were already a couple of roadmaps proposed which SPDC never accepted. They moved on their own way not to relinquish this power chair. Oh yeah… they have their own roadmap, which will lead to make them ultimate dictator of Burma. (Or the king possessing all the souls of Burmese people.) SPDC steps are getting worse and worse these days. They do not care ILO. They even threatened ILO representative. People who sent complaint about forced laboring to ILO were sued and jailed. Now they even pay no attention to ASEAN they loved. It is almost sure that UN Security Council will discuss this Burma issue. But it looks like SPDC doesn’t care in the least.

Ok… let’s go back to Dr. Salai Tun Than’s letter. His letter stated that he will start five steps of “general political defiance” if SPDC do not listen to his proposal. He did not disclose what these steps are. But he challenged that these steps will scare SPDC. Whatever it is this campaign can be accomplished only when people participate. But you know what? Majority of People do not want to sacrifice. 8888 uprising happened because students started and marched at the front. SPDC knew that fact and moved all Universities out of all major cities. 

But I believe in Dr. Salai Tun Than. He will act what he said. At the same time, UN will act. So, Burma, please wake up. With pressures both from inside and outside, SPDC will fall down. SPDC still thinks they can manipulate Burmese people as they want. Now, it is time for Burma to scare SPDC. 

Dr. Salai Tun Than’s open letter
post on Lwin Moe [see January 18]

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  1. Ineresting.
    I read the letter. Yeah, they need to be scared, the SPDC, or whatever thry call themselves nowadays.
    but my question is, is he wanting to is he threatening one?

  2. UN is not doing anything. yes they talk n' talk but nth has happened. rite? ppl need to wake up but u noe it's hard to wake sb who's pretending to be asleep.


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