Friday, September 29, 2006

Release them!!!

I'm so worried for the 88 generation student leaders, (ko) Min Ko Naing, (ko) Ko Ko Gyi and (ko) Htay Kywe, who were detained on 27th if Junta would arrest them for long time. Previously they were detained for 15 years. I wish they would be released soon.


The irrawaddy: UN Urges Junta’s Release of Activists
UN official calls for release of Myanmar student leaders
Asian tribune

UPDATE: Oct 01, 06.
I’m saddened to learn that two more student leaders, (ko) Min Zeya and (ko) Pyone Cho, were detained yesterday. Nothing about why they were detained is still not known.
[Irrawaddy news: Junta Arrests More Activists]

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  1. I hope they get released soon too.
    it's ridiculous.
    I feel helpless just saying that as it is.


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