Monday, February 05, 2007


Hello everybody,
I’m back to blogging now. You see, I came back on Feb 1 as I promised. At lease I posted song lyrics. :P I’m grateful to friends who left message while I was away. I haven’t seen what’s happening in blogosphere around me. So, let me surf the web for a few days and see if everything is ok.
Burma is as usual. SPDC is doing shameless things as usual such as sending some people to demonstrate in front of US and UK embassies. Damn, I don’t want to talk about that for a while.
Here is Burma scenery for you guys. I hope you like it.


  1. Welcome back bro!
    Where is that place by the way?
    It seems very peaceful and isolated from outer world.

  2. WCB ko myo!
    when i c ur pic, i want to go back mm.

  3. »» Mayvelous »» Hello sis, long time no see. :) This photo is taken by my sister. She said it is called "myit sone". I think, it is in ta-nin-thar-yi state.

    »» ေမ »» come back come back. welcome to "mm prison" lah. :)

  4. Beautiful Burma! I wish that beauty will last for a while :)


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