Friday, March 16, 2007


I can’t understand why people wear jewelries at all. What’s the use of these stupid things on one’s body? I really don’t know the difference between genuine gold and imitation one. If it is for beauty, why not use other materials. Women have lots of fancy colorful things to wear on neck other than expensive gold chains. Today, my sister said she couldn’t find her necklace, I asked my mom how much it worth. Damn! I could buy a laptop with it. What’s the use of wearing it around? Thanks God that she found it back. I never impress someone wearing gold and diamond things. Worse than women are those of men wearing jewelries. Damn!!! You know. Why should a man wear jewelry? I think it is girlish. Nowadays, those rappers or hip-hoppers are wearing gold chains, diamonds, rings, you know. What the hell is that? I think it is very disgusting. Anyway, I don’t understand at all.


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  2. Well in Britain, many Indian people fancy to wear gold jewelleries. Basically a considerable portion of Burmese culture and tradition came from India. So it is understandable Burmese and gold culture are going together. But it's unusual for white people to wear bulky and shining things as far as I see.

  3. Well, I should say , people have different point of view and different points from where they see things. I don't think wearing jewelries is not good , cuz ya know,sometimes, it's really necessary. if you say, what is it for? then, why are people craving for degrees and certificates and fame???? Look,, there's a burmese saying " thaung mar a gwut , lu mar a wut" .. :P.. my burglish suck! , yeah, that's why,, jewelry has its own value and meaning. That's how I think lay. :P note that, I am a female,, haha,,

  4. to Steve Evergreen » Yeah... I used to see those celebrities from US wear such shocking expensive jewelleries these days including those guy rappers.

    to Christina » "thaung mar a gwut , lu mar a wut" ?? that's the great excuse for Burmese women. It is true between women coz they look each other from what they wear first.

    hey... thanks for the great comments

  5. I like fancy colourful things and also small jewelries. I am happy to wear those things on my body. It is only for my happiness , not to get impression from others. But if I have to choose a latest model laptop and jewelries, I would choose a laptop. ;-)

  6. You made a good point, but it is a
    culture thing, here in USA alot of
    immitation, and actually no one knows the difference,my genuine sets are kept in the safe deposit box, everyday I would mix with immitation, and everyone thinks its
    real, so I don't bother telling them its fake anymore, I'm wearing them becoz I enjoy wearing them.
    I find it bothersome when people
    putting down others that don't have
    and competing with one another,
    which is quite prevalent in our
    culture. Men like their techno
    gagets and cars, and women like
    jewelry and clothes, as long as
    you keep urself balance, between
    vanity and humility. Shallowness
    meaness is very unattractive,
    kindness and compassion is always
    a good trait, does not matter what
    jewelry or clothes anyone is wearing. BTW I like reading ur
    blog,I am on the first pg, will
    go into ur archives, keep it up,
    good job! Love Soe

  7. I've the same thought with you.
    Buying jewelries is wasting the precious money. I hate the men wearing gold and jewelries.

  8. well, at least you can sell them back when you are broke, and you can get more than what you bought because them prices of gold keep going up! :P I heard guys wearing big gold necklaces say, "Well, this necklace is useful when Manchester lost." :P

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