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8888 uprising memorial

8888 memorial banner
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It is already 19 years since 8888 uprising by now but the resistance is still going on. The memories of 8888 days still fresh in my mind. I was a boy attending middle school at that time. When I heard my school is organizing to go for demonstration, I asked my mom for her permission. My mom told me I was still young and asked me for a good reason to go. I answered that if Burma became democratic country after this, I would be proud for I was part of this movement. We marched all day shouting slogans. The streets of Mandalay were full of marching people from all organizations and even farmers from villages marched to the city. I never walked that much before. We reached Mahamyatmuni Pagoda, Zaygyo market and so on everyday. I was almost fainted for the heat sun these days is hellish hot. Anyway, so many to tell about this uprising. I think 8888 uprising is the biggest uprising in world because people of all ages, men, women from all cities and towns throughout the country came out to the streets to express their beliefs for the truth. There were bloodsheds when military shot the people demonstrating peacefully especially in Yangon and Sagaing. We, the people of Burma will never forget those people who sacrificed throughout this resistance and we will never give up fighting for freedom.
8888 uprising


  1. He is a patriot, boasted by his grandson, the only kid in Burma who dares to give a slap at Khin Nyunt, the former head of Intelligence.
    He was one of the soldiers that eliminated Kumintang Remnance once and for all from the Burmese soil, said a so-called historian of Burmese military.
    He knew that his son went to work in Taipei to earn money. He also knew that his son used another name as for father in applying for the overseas job. But he kept silent.
    He just ignored and took no action when his son Kyaing Than Shwe is now deeply involved in illegal lottery business.
    He is pretty good in serving his family and relatives of his own. He is one of the billionaires in Burma, owning many businesses and having a lion share from businessmen and entrepreneurs of Burma as a protection money.
    Though he was stated as strongman of the military regime by the international media, I see him as a big guy with weakness in every aspect of his behaviour. He covers his evil deeds by exposing himself as a strong Theravada Buddhist. Renovating temples and pagodas and offering foods and materials to Most Venerated Monks are part of his activities frequently publicized through TV and newspapers.
    Though he always remind his subordinates to be alert and get ready for crushing the instigators from the West, he loves US currency. He open account mostly in some banks of Singapore with the illgotten money (US dollars).
    Not only him but his cronies are also love US dollars. That's why one of his cronies, who received the dollars from a Danish Travel Company for a piece of Ad that eventually fallen into a victim of a political trick.
    Actually, the regime headed by Than Shwe can be easily deceived by its opposition forces. By copying the trick played by the Danish Travel Company Burmese freedom fighters can easily got rid of the military butchers from Burma once and for all.
    Man, do not concentrate on the rubbish constituent and bullshit referendum of the regime. Just consider about how to topple the evil rulers using this and that tricks.
    For Freedom of Burma!
    With Metta,
    Min Myo Naing (Chicago)


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