Wednesday, December 05, 2007

one step away for them

Let me just write randomly. (Actually, I always write randomly, huh?) Yesterday was the National day of Burma. In history, it was the day Yangon University students' strike the universities act in 1920 while Burma was British colony. This is also the history of student union in Burma too. Student leader like (Thakhin) Aung San led Burma until she gained her independence. .

This Monday, SPDC held press conference which they presented with full of lies. (You know, the lies they used to make is on every single sentence they said. Amazing liars they are). They think their victory is just one step away for them. Because, the constitution they were writing is about to finish. When that constitution finish, they will hold election again. Whoever wins in that election, majority positions in parliament for them is granted by new constitution. Elected members will be minority and have no power at all there. SPDC will therefore become legalized government. That's the reason they are moving forward without listening anyone.

And… for this week, article I want to recommend is "A Rangoon Diary" written by Thierry Falise. It is a diary of a reporter while he was in Rangoon (Yangon) during September uprising.
.September uprising Burma.
A Japanese photojournalist, who later died, lies wounded, shot by a soldier [Photo: Reuters]


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