Monday, May 25, 2009

The world knows the truth

Since this problems arose, I wanted to write about this. It is still unclear what make William Yettaw to sneak into Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's house. But I still doubt SPDC is behind this. What if SPDC made very secret connection with William Yettaw and plotted this together?

You know, it is the time for them to release Daw ASSK. They have no way out. They never want to release her because they had committed the De-pa-yin massacre with the intention to kill Daw ASSK. But, when they couldn't kill her, they put her under house arrest with no proper reason. (Murderers arrested good persons.) The LAW seems to be whatever they said.

On the other hand, they are moving towards so-called election on 2010 which will make them legal to rule the country as long as they want. They want no one standing across their way. They held referendum last year while the country was facing terrible natural disaster. By that so-called referendum, they could confirm the constitution which was written to control the country as they want. Yes, of course, referendum was a fake and the election they would make in 2010 will be a fake too. Let me guess, they might not release her before their election.

Actually, if someone sneak into daw ASSK's house, it was the weakness of security around the house. The house was guarded with polices 24 hours a day. The gates across the road in front of her house were closed during night time. But how could they miss a man who came in. So, this is a big question everyone is asking.

But in conclusion, daw ASSK was accused and prosecuted. But we know and the whole world knows that she is innocent and SPDC is using their low-standard, coward, shameless, and vile intentions towards her.

So, the question is: Why are the sincere leaders of the world caring her, worried for her but SPDC alone is accusing her as a criminal?

Yes. Everybody knows the answer.

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