Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who did Thingyan festival bomb blasts?

There were 3 bomb blasts at one of the water festival pavilion near Kandawgyi Lake today. It happened at about 3 pm in front of the X2O pavilion. Today, the AKYAT-day, is the third day of Thingyan water festival.

According to official news, 8 people died and 94 wounded.
I could not imagine why someone or a group could do this to kill innocent people. Although our country is in political crisis, the prodemocracy activists will never do such kind of terrorist act. Only the SPDC terrorists must be behind this. I can say that because the state media repeatedly announce this news (normally they always hide such kind of disastrous news) to accuse that anti-government groups are killing people.

What can I say by now… I can hear the grief of the family of people died and wounded people from my heart and I cannot understand how many more innocent people will have to die to make SPDC the ultimate dictator.

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