Saturday, November 04, 2006

Burma in Dark Age

I heard wedding video of Than Shwe’s daughter is circulating among people here. And it was also on YouTube until yesterday. People of Myanmar want to watch that video because we want to see how dictator Than Shwe and his family is wasting country’s money as their own wealth and how they were accepting bribe as “wedding gift”.

According to NDD report, the value of all wedding gifts they’ve got was around 50 million US dollars. These gifts include diamonds and other jewelries, real estate and buildings and cars and so on. And people stunned watching too much jewelries bride was wearing.

You know what. Some poor people in Burma cannot afford to eat normal meal with rice, meat, vegetable and soup like that but they can only eat “rice soup” (rice gruel). When some shops in suburb area start to sell “rice soup” (rice gruel), authorities ordered no to sell fearing international media would notice this poverty.

Are we in 21st century or Dark Age?
Link: NDD report issue 269  in pdf format. (Language: Burmese, size: 185 KB)

It's available on google now. (via 7monkeys)

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  1. What is "rice-soup"? Is it same as "porridge" ဆန္ျပဳတ္ ?

  2. that sound realized to me about france
    revolution and Marie Antoinette

  3. ေမ» Yeah mistake. coz i didnt know that word. actually it should be gruel, i think. thanks for the correction.

    seinmyoutmyout» it sound d same to me


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