Tuesday, October 16, 2007

SPDC doesn't care UN Security Council!!!!

Despite the pressure of UN Security Council, SPDC shows no move towards reconciliation from their side. They continued to issue announcement saying their policy will never change. In yesterday newspaper, it was even written that "Presidential Statement of UN Security Council has non-binding which means it is not compulsory to comply with this statement." And it continued saying their government will continue their own plans. It shows they do not care UN at all.
 They showed they were not paying attention on UN statement by arresting people who participated in recent movement everyday. Total arrested people during these days reached up to four thousand according news sources. The people arrested right from demonstrations and through the siege to the monasteries were kept at a technical school at Innsein, Yangon these days. They put about 150 people per classroom and there was no proper toilet there. The people who were released later said they had to go at the room beside and that room was in terrible condition in 2-3 days. And there was no bathroom too. Each day, some were taken to interrogation center and unimportant ones were freed and many were sent to somewhere they didn't know. One NLD member from Kyauk-pa-down died during interrogation. In these days, they imposed curfew and that night time interval is the time they freely move and siege monasteries and arrest individual people from their home or the place they were hiding. Many monks, many NLD members, many students and activists were arrested. If they could not find the activist they look for at their home they took someone as hostage. And they continued arresting people everyday showing they don't care UN Security Council.
 When Gambari went back, they announced they will discuss with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi only if she comply with some restrictions. The restrictions they made said Daw Aung San Suu Kyi must promise she will not make confrontation, utter devastation and so on. Actually Daw Aung San Suu Kyi never performed anything bad like that. So, they announced that just to accuse her. Another fact is that they were trying to deceive UN and delay the true dialogue to happen. I don't think there will be true dialogue without the presence of UN representatives in the meeting.


  1. Hi.
    I am one of the many concerned souls from far away who wish that things could get better for Burma and it's people. I applaud your blogging...please don't stop doing so. I am a graduate student in Social Sciences and I've worked with the Burmese Refugees before by the Thai Border. Such a hospitable and kind people!The antrocities that I see inflicted upon your humblest and meekest breaks my heart. In my own way I try to let people know and care through my website. I wrote this poem , 'Saints in Red' and it is accompanied by images of the Burmese people and the monksconfronting violence. I will publish it in one of the quarterly journals we have for university to spread awareness. I will also create a link to your blog in my site so that my friends and network can access you. I wish I can do more than spread awareness. Here is the link to the poem in my site -


    Please keep posting and don't lose hope!

  2. I love this post. The way I feel about our homeland right now is exactly the same what you've written here. Keep up your good work!

  3. Ko Dathana,
    Long time no update.
    Are u ok?

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