Friday, August 28, 2009


It’s been a while since my last post about Burma’s situations. Aunty Su (daw Aung San Suu Kyi) was sentenced to 1.5 years house arrest (in conclusion), Yettaw was just sent back to US.

Weirdly, Yettaw said, "I don’t know why they [security guards] didn’t stop me" "The man with the AK-47 shook my hand and let me in."
Ohhh come on!!!!! Why didn’t he say that before?

On the other hand, Than Shwe, obviously, has plan to release Yettaw for he is the man who worked for him (my doubt). Senator Jim Webb’s visit was a great excuse for him to release Yettaw as if Jim Webb requested for it. Isn’t it ridiculous that someone who breaks into someone else’s house got no penalty? But the owner of house got three years jail term with hard labor. What a strange judicial system our country has.

But wait, Than Shwe is so kind that (aham…) he gave some amnesty to her by reducing court’s order to 1.5 years of house arrest. :D Quite enough time to keep her under house arrest until unfair election he is planning to make will finish!

Anyway, I wrote above a few days ago and forgot to complete it. Actually, Burma political situation has almost no hope. ThanShwe will continue with his plan to hold election. His constitution ensures about 20% places in parliament and important ministers and president are also from Military. Even so, some army generals will compete in election using their power to cheat. What else left?

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