Monday, May 24, 2010

Blog maintenance

Yesterday, I spent my time for blog maintenance. Since I started using this this Wordpress blog, I couldn’t upgrade it to newer versions. Whenever I tried to upgrade using automatic update function, I got an error message saying "Unable to locate WordPress directory". When I looked for a solution, I found a suggestion to use the plugin called "wordpress-automatic-upgrade ". I tried it and wow!!! It worked great. Its step by step update method is very very easy and straight forward. I’m very much obliged to the plugin writer.

Now, I could change my blog to the new template I like. (Coz the new template was not compatible with old versions of WP.)

By the way, Myanmar ISP now bans all the blogs it can detect and all the blog related sites. Most of the blog template sites are banned. I think, the firewall detect the URL for the word "blog", "theme" and so on. MyBlogLog is banned to. I still want to put components like "MyBlogLog", "Technorati" and site statistics. Ohhh…. Very time consuming on my very slow connection.

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