Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pagan Poetry


im looking for something. i dont know what. may be i know but what i’m looking for is too far from me. in my dreams, the kites falling down like nowhere to end. the pleasure inside this hollow life will be some kind of escapism followed by such a blank inner mind. in my mind i hear the drum beets like wake me up when suptember ends and the music is touching my heart as if i ve got a companion who would understand my feelings. when i go around or whatever i do, i felt this world is going to end meaninglessly. I do hate the destroyers of truth and justice. I have lots of hatred in that way. don’t believe all whatever u read. think. people, think. everyday, i wake up to try my best to blend into my surrounding. is it complicated suffering because it is hard to distinguish if it is way to auspiciousness. in reality, im still breathing and my heart is still beating but i cannot unplug this dreams from me. but, the time is running out. nothing can stop it. i dunno if i wasted time or time wasted me in such a life like this. i think, i’m so wounded now.

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