Saturday, July 30, 2005

Moe Moe's blog

When Khin Nyunt was sentenced to 44 yr (but suspended), Moe Moe wrote remembering the time she saw him :

"… I had a sudden urge to rush to him and shake him and ask :why, why do you look so happy, how can you look so happy, when you look all around, there's poverty, there's unhappiness, there's repression, your soldiers rape and kill at will, you grow heroin that spreads its evil all around the world, it spreads HIV, and here you are pretending to be a great Buddhist, and you look so happy. …"

Read her complete post here.

So now though he did terrible things, he is living comfortably at his home taking suspended sentence. But this is not what disappointed me. The point is, he was not arrested because he is part of soldiers who tortured Burma but because he threatened than shwe's power chair.

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