Saturday, July 23, 2005

Reports of Burmese ethnic women

My heart is getting heavy today. This week’s NDD WINC report pointed out the Myanmar army committing genocide and ethnic cleansing on Karens and Mons.
And according to DVB news, there is also a report on torture and rape of Myanmar army on Mon women with detailed dates of events. The report is named “Catwalk to the Barracks”. Previously, there were also reports by Shan and Karen (pdf) women. Aren’t these fascist acts?
NDD's last week issue also mentioned about report on trafficking of Kachin women on the China-Burma border, Driven Away (pdf).
All these cases are serious and terrifying. Who will bring them to justice?????????
Links: Driven Away -ocr.pdf to the Barracks.htm to Rape/ SILENCES.pdf
NDD WINC 206 (in Burmese)
NDD WINC 207 (in Burmese)

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