Thursday, July 14, 2005

Useful browser tools

Sorry for not posting several days! Here, I've found two useful browser tools you might like. You use FireFox. Don't you? And if ur platform is Windows, you surely have IE. If you surf intensively (like me ), you need to use both time by time. Coz you know some pages prefer FF and some IE. okey... anyway... FF extension "ieview" will let you view the page on FF to IE. And "View in Firefox for IE" does the reverse. View in Firefox I mean... let's say, u are reading this page on IE. When you want to see this on FF, just right click and choose "view in Firefox". Done! Ur page is on FF. That's how "View in Firefox for IE" works. There is another tool called "FirefoxView". It does the same thing as "View in Firefox for IE". The choice is yours. BTW, I have another favorite extension for Firefox. It is "Tab Mix". It keeps single browser windows. If the page open the link in new window, it open new tab instead. I can't live without it. Hope these tools help. Links: View_in_Firefox_for_IE FirefoxView ieview Tab Mix Technorati Tags: , ,

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