Friday, March 24, 2006


I’ve just created an eyeOS account and playing with it. So, this is the OS in your browser. It has virtual word processor, calendar, file manager, messenger, browser and other applications like mp3 player and games. I uploaded an mp3 into my account folder and play it with its player. Viola! It works gr8. You can change wallpaper of your own. There are also themes you can select too.

Two years ago, people were talking that Google is planning to make something like this. I think, they must have been thinking to make one, coz, they just bought Writely. (so, they didn’t make one. Bought one. :D)

But eyeOS is so cool that it is open source and free to download (licensed under the GNU GPL). If you want, you can download and run it on your own server.

BTW, I’ve updated previous post. pls check!!!!


There are some more new comers for online web based word processor. ajaxWrite lets you write Ms Word compactable file right from your browser. Unlike Writely, you don't need to sign up at all. It allows you to save your file as doc, rtf, txt, and pdf. And there is one more site called ZohoWriter, which works in similar way. OMG!!! there is a huge competition in AJAX field. read more in this article.

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  1. I havent tested this one bro
    I got writley account
    This is very nice one.

  2. i couldn't try writely coz they no longer accept new sign up. i updated this post right now. how is ajaxwrite? may be writely is better?

  3. Yes Bro

    Writely can do alot more than I thought.
    It also can host a file and share very well. Yes I got this account very luckily.

  4. Thanks for mentioning Zoho Writer!

    Try the other Zoho services too.


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