Saturday, March 04, 2006

List of webproxies

My favorite tech blog gHacks has a huge list of webproxies. I think people in Myanmar need proxy servers more than anyone in the world. If you are going to Myanmar, take these links with you.

Read the Web Proxy List January 2006 @ gHacks.

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  1. Good job.

    OT: latest Uniscribe ver 1.613.5291.0
    d/l link
    updated withdathana's java script

  2. Good, I was also looking at some proxy servers list myself to give to my friends in Burma. :-) I have found out that Thailand also blocks access to info big time :-) Maybe I have to move back to the States :-) :-)

  3. Wanna add some more bro!!

    here 300 proxies list

  4. thanks bro!!! :-)
    i found FF extension, anonymouser, for browsing with proxy. it's cool.


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