Thursday, July 06, 2006

My Firefox extensions

Like many bloggers do, I also want to share the Firefox extensions I'm using. I think some of them may be different from the ones you have. Here they are...
  • Tab Mix Plus: Tab browsing with an added boost.  This extension has lots of functionalities. It can make single window mode, add closed tabs list button (by clicking it, u can undo close tab), displays tab list at  ctrl+tab, put close button on each tab, session manager, crash recovery functions and so on and so on. You need to change the settings as your own requirement. Ohhh... I can't live without Tab Mix Plus.
  • Uppity: Navigate up one level. if you are in, you can move to upper level you want. may be, you might want to move to top level page
  • Flashblock: Replaces Flash objects with a button you can click to view them. As for me, I feel flash ads are annoying. And some flash animations are burning my CPU. So, this extension block flash but I'm always free to see blocked flash by clicking on play button.
  • Launchy: Open links with external applications. I want to see page source in Notepad. I want to see current page in Opera browser. Now, my desires are fulfilled. You can add any application u like, such as Nvu, WordPad, IE and whatever relevant. 
  • Image toolbar: Provides easy access to common image functions. This one resembles to tool bar which appears when u point on image  in IE . 
  • AJAX Yahoo Mail: Yahoo has released new AJAX based version for users now. But I don't like it coz I'm in love with this extension. You can view messages right in ur inbox by clicking a small (+) button. you can do quick reply right under the message. you can scan and download attachment without moving to another page. Virtually, you don't need to move to another page from Inbox.
  • Download embedded: download embedded media you like in the web page you are viewing.
  • Furl tools and of coz if you are user of these sites...
  • Download manager tweak: the name says :P
  • Web Developer: adds a menu with various web developer tools
  • Copy plain text: copy plain text without formatting
  • Hyperwords: Makes every words on the web interactive. I use this to open URL without link though it has many functions.
  • Colt: adds a copy link text item to the browser’s context menu
  • FirefoxView: If you accidentally browsed the web with IE, you can easily move to FF from IE context menu. 


  1. A fascinating list! I saw a different in you, most of them not following Firefox's popular so that readers are more likely to find something new and useful extensions.

  2. Yap, as zero's comment bro! Nice List!

  3. Tab Mix Plus is so useful. Thanks!!!

  4. Why don't you use burmese-localized extension? Your site uses primarily burmese characters with obsolete font.


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