Sunday, July 09, 2006

Search Attachments

I was thinking to search for the list of mp3 files in my email accounts these days. But, today when I check my yahoo account, I found this "My Attachments" link on side menu. There... I clicked on it. Wow!!! all the attached files are shown with thumbnail previews. cool.

So, how will Gmail do that. I looked in help page for search operators.
  • has:attachment » I entered just this operator and searched. all emails with attachment are shown.
  • from:david has:attachment » This will show attachments david sent. I entered » from:me has:attachment » These are what I sent.
  • Wait, file type I want is mp3. » from:me filename:mp3

Anyway, I know everybody can read help page and do it easily. I just thought what if you didn't notice this functions like me.

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