Monday, July 03, 2006

My name is...

Pseudonym or nick name or pen name or keyboard name or whatever you call, I will start to use the name "Myouez" from now on. And another thing I want to say is that there is only one physical blogger in this blog although you might see two contributors. When I started this blog, I thought I would use different pseudonym for different topic but I always login as "Dathana" and the other contributor becomes idle. Anyway, here I am, the same weird guy with different name. :)

Ammmm.... I'm still Dathana as well as Myouez. :D  And thinking my old thought to blog different topic with different pseudonym. :)


  1. Why?
    Dathana sounds sophisticated.
    I don't know how to pronounce the other one. I still like dathana pal byooooo!

  2. :) :) :) yes sis, i like that word v much too. I will blog with both names from now on :)


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