Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New form of dictatorship

I feel nothing from this election result. Because, we already knew what SPDC was doing. That's the reason why we boycotted this election and didn't go to vote.

But I want to talk about some shameless frauds done by SPDC. Most of the fresh results from Yangon polling stations showed many winners from some pro-democracy parties such as NDF. But, the next morning (Nov 8), the winner list becomes candidates from USDP. They said Nov 7 evening results did not include pre-election votes. Those pre-election votes actually were taken from many government employees who were supposed to vote USDP in front of them. There were lots of rejected votes too.

The SPDC has planned very well for this election not to happen the same situations like 1990 election. They had well planned to get all the seats in Parliament. They may have many backup plans like, plan b, plan c and so on.

Actually, SPDC had already set up their position in 2008 National Constitution. The highest power in new government will be "the security council" which is lead by the chief of the army. He holds almost all the decisions for government. Some of the ministers will be appointed by him. He has right to declare martial law. All the armed forces including police and MI will be under his control. The civil government will have no right to manage army. And 25% of Parliament will be from Army who are not elected by the people. To change a law, at least 75% of parliament votes will be needed. There will be different court for army. President will be someone who has military experience. Even President is required to get approval from chief of the army to sign some decisions. These are some catches I know from the 2008 constitution which gave Army the ultimate power.

So, you know, they have already controlled all the power of new government according to the new constitution. But still, they want to get all the seats of parliament too. The new civil government will now be USDP which actually is a party comprised of former army generals.

Now, the new government will be the combination of "security council" and so-called civil government from USDP. Welcome to the new form of dictatorship.

pre-election votes

Pre-election votes
Cartoon by Awpikyae APK

Foot note:
NDF: National Democratic Front
SPDC: State Peace and Development Council (Than Shwe’s régime )
USDP: Union Solidarity and Development Party (Than Shwe’s party)

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