Saturday, November 26, 2005

ashae ga newin htwet thi pamar

အရေ္ဟ ့ကနေဝန္‌းထ္ဝက္‌ သည္‌့ပမာ
as the sun rise
It is one of the best Burmese novels I have ever read. I read this when I was young. In these two three years, I remember it a lot and wanted to read again. Now… it is available to download here

The story took place at time when students were fighting against English government. I don’t know if it is just about the novelist, (saya) Thein Pe Myint himself. Many characters in the novel are real people we know. It was re-printed several times and translated to 2-3 languages. (if I remember correctly.) It would be better if e-book contain preface from old prints.

အရေ္ဟ ့ကနေဝန္‌းထ္ဝက္‌ သည္‌့ပမာပ၊ တို့ခေတ္‌ကိုသာေရာက္‌ရမည္‌မ္ဟာ မလ္ဝဲပာ။
as the sun rise
[if you do not have Burmese font, 7th one is part one and 8th one is part two.
or use and]

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