Thursday, November 10, 2005

Future of PC: part I

1) Rise of the AJAX

Most discussed topic in computer field nowadays is AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML).

AJAX is the key player behind Gmail. As you must have noticed, Gmail is not a classic web page. It is almost like a desktop application because it brings only the updated data from server without refreshing the whole web page.

New version Yahoo! mail will use AJAX extremely and work and look like desktop email clients such as "Outlook express". It is in beta state now. You can read more and see screenshots of Yahoo! mail beta here.

So, now, future of Web is moving towards creating web based applications which can perform like desktop programs. Look at Meebo. It is an IM client made using AJAX. Isn't it cool?
May be one day people will use application softwares on web. Microsoft recently announced the release of live. There are also some other companies trying to make use of AJAX.

So... let's see how AJAX will expand its wings in future.

Some websites which use AJAX:
to search eBay
to search Amazon
search music on the fly (from music stores)
google suggest

Further readings:
explained example code (check live search on that blog's sidebar too)

yahoo mail beta

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