Tuesday, November 15, 2005

it is called "Nay Pyi Daw"

I just heard that new Myanmar capital city will be dubbed "Nay Pyi Daw". I want to laugh out loud rolling on the floor. I think Than Shwe is mad to be a king. so pathetic...

So what? Are we supposed to speak like those in kingdom era also?

like this?
old language
and so on...

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  1. Don't talk about Than Shwe and other brainless military guys. Talking about them will made the quality of your website inferior!

  2. Nay Pyi Daw!!! LOLOLOL

    I just like to say...
    WhoTF he think he is and WTF is he trying to prove? F'in insane shit!

    Yah don't talk about them and ignore them. That means we're losing our voice(which is exactly what they want) and they superior over us!!! FOREVER!

    We lose both way!

    A Shin Min Gyi, Thet Taw Yar Taw Shay Pyi, Myar Myar Myo Nine So' Nine Par Say.

  3. I heard since long time people have to call his daughters "tha mee daw".
    I wanna call him Kyat Pyay min.

    Yeah.. both of u r right. we should ignore those F'in insane brainless military guys. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. "Kyap Pyay Min" ha ha, it's so funny. We should call him "Kyack Pyay Min", as in "chicken". With this chicken flu is coming out, "chickens" will die soon.

    May be you should not talk about those huntas in your lovely blog. But what they want is for us to shut up and watch what they r doing. While the country men (not us since we're outside) are suffering, how can we ignore them? Aren't we responsible for the goodness of the country?

    Ok, if you ask me how we do it, I don't know. I just want to let you know that "ignoring them" is not a solution, let alone the best solution. If we ignore them, other nations will think that we're happy with what those idiots are doing to us.

    However badly they treat to us, if we act like "we're fine", no one will come in to help us.

  5. Yes, of coz. Resistance is important. Each n every one of us is responsible.

  6. The rest of the free world stands baffled at the move. I hope freedom and self-determination returns to Burma soon.



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