Friday, November 25, 2005

my last video post

I want to give you some video site links. Most of these sites use flv video format. If you want to download and play these video files, you will need this flv player

The First one is YouTube. It is a community site like Flickr. You can also find Burmese music video like this there. I like YouTube coz it allows us to embed the video on our own sites which is, in other term, called remote loading. For example you can play Khin Bone's song "Moe Pyae" here...

Google video: You know, they are every where. And for google video, there are hacks from site like this where you can download/save the video directly. You just need to copy and paste the URL of search page there and it will generate the file link to download. Don’t confuse here. The downloaded file has no file extension. So you need to rename it giving the file extension “.flv”.

Now, the power of bloggers comes. This site, using Technorati, created the most blogged videos on the web list. They also convert the file format to flv which you can watch on that site. But it is your choice. You can also go to original website from the link and see the video in its own format.

Last one is Darlugo. It is a collection of crazy, funny, and interesting video clips.

Except google video which we have a hack, you can save the video you like by copying from “temporary internet files” or “cache” after watching the video. There are some other ways but I think this method is easiest for everyone. Tip: sort by file size. These files are the largest ones there. YouTube files are also needed to be renamed with flv extension.

Finally, there is a Google video blog. It’s all about interesting Google video links.

And... she hates holidays. ohhh... don't be so sad. :-(

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  1. Really cool links! Gotta check 'em out.


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