Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Let’s categorize in Blogger

As a Blogger user, I have been desperately looking a way to categorize my posts. The previous solutions I tried were some twists with “Blogger’s blog search” and technorati.

I know I cannot count on Blogger’s search. I don’t know why their search bot didn’t crawl my site. My blog didn’t ping them?
And later, I depended on technorati. But later I found that my tags are not perfectly hooked there.
Story went on so on and so on.
Now… I can rest in peace. :D

I’ve got a way to categorize in Blogger.
This way uses del.icio.us.

Here is how to put it in place.

Create a new del.icio.us account for your blog and just bookmark your post giving “tags” which will stand as category.

Let’s tagroll it now.
On that page, adjust the sliders as you wish.
For title, I use “Categories / tags” so that it will look more realistic on my blog.  :P
Sorting is as you like.
If you choose “list”, it is suitable to put on “side bar”. “cloud” is more suitable if you can make a new box at the bottom or top of the page. I chose “list”, and it appears as you can see on this page.
And select “tag count” so that number of posts with that tag will be shown.

You are done with settings. Let’s copy and paste the code there into your template.
That’s it.
But let’s do some extra things in our post. This part is to let your audience know the category of the post they just read.  And by clicking it they can browse other posts in that category. (obviously. huh?)
Let’s make it conforms the technorati tag format.
Suppose that your post category is “gadget”, html tag will looks like this:

 <a href="http://del.icio.us/username/gadget" rel="tag">gadget</a>
replace username with your user name, of coz. :D
one more example:
for post in “joke” category,
 <a href="http://del.icio.us/username/joke" rel="tag">joke</a>

so, this is the end of story.
del.icio.us. is delicious!!! isn't it?

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  1. Thanks alot for this post and WEFT eot font tutorial post..

  2. Thks! I'll try it later :)

  3. that a veryuseful for me.. thank bro. i got many knowledges from ur blog.


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