Sunday, April 30, 2006

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ေၾကာ္ျငာ မလို႕ပါ။ အလကား ေပးမွာပါ။
ဒါမိုးေလးေတြ ဒါမိုးေလးေတြ
Last year, I made a search page to use it for my own. It is quite useful for me since it works the way I wanted. Later, thinking some other people might like it, I put it on my personal website. But I think only a few people see it. But I didn’t care, coz I don’t think it is something awesome.

But, these days, there is a search page with all google services. And people on digg are talking about that. There, I look at it. Oh… so… what?

So, I decided to talk about mine. :-)

What I made is that you just enter your query in single textbox and click on any icon of search engine you like. The search engines I included there are, Google, Yahoo, MSN, Wikipedia, Answers, altavista and lycos. Yes… Wikipedia and Answers are included .

Even Google search is quite handy enough on my page. Coz, video search and blog search are not on google main page.
Ok, you just try it. You will like it.

Download it if you like it. I put a packed zip file on that page. So, you don’t need to visit my page every time. Unzip it into a folder. Bookmark it or make home page if you like.

I have to advertise a lot to give something free.

Link: see it, use it and download it here.
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  1. It is not actually that cool, you know.
    Have you ever use/heard of Google X?

  2. Of coz, it is cool. It was made by offical google lab. They made it for apple users. But they withdrew that page in a few days. Some folks saved (compiled) it while it was there and posted it on their site. They also offer the downloadable pack of it. (That inspired me and that’s why I am offering download. Really!!!)

    Okay.. I’ve already said that my page is not awesome. And it is not geeky at all. I was even shy to show it off. But it is really handy for me. One single textbox, this and that searches in a click away.

    There are many awesome search pages, like Soople. It helps for google advance searches. But it is just google. And many textboxes.

    Hey… thanks for the comment anyway. Now I got a chance to discuss.

    PS: if you want to keep googleX pack, the site offering it is no longer alive. I’ve uploaded it here. It is gr8!!!!

  3. I can not search with MSN using your
    fake (ar tu)ZawGyi fontm but with true Padauk it's COOL

  4. cool or not, i think it's really sweet to share sth u made with ppl u dunno or never gonna meet ur whole life.

  5. thank you so much for the shower of comments, Number1Princess!!! ur comments make me happy. :-)


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