Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Killer Than Shwe :D

Today, my blogger friend sent me following article. I'm thankful to the group who placed such ad saying "killer than shwe" in Myanmar Times.

From the article [www.iht.com]:
An advertisement placed in Monday's English-language Myanmar Times newspaper by a satirical art group had a hidden message calling the country's military ruler Gen. Than Shwe a "killer."
It was placed by Danish-based Surrend, which has experience placing clandestine ads under the noses of repressive regimes, group member Pia Bertelsen said in a telephone interview from Denmark with The Associated Press in Bangkok, Thailand.

The ad, published in Myanmar's commercial capital Yangon, looked like an innocent call for tourists visiting Myanmar from Scandinavia, with the drawing of a palm tree and sun, and text praising Myanmar's "beautiful country and friendly people."

At the bottom of the half-page ad was "The Board of Islandic Travel Agencies Ewhsnahtrellik and the Danish Industry BesoegDanmark," including the long Danish-looking word "Ewhsnahtrellik." When read backward it said, "killer than shwE."

Bertelsen said the ad was a way to show even autocratic leaders could be criticized. (LINK)
killer than 

shew ad
Thanks mh for sending the image and article. :)


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